Why learn to code?

via Lisa Charlotte Rost, “How I Feel When I Learn To Code

I’m not sure if you’ve actually asked yourself this question or tried to describe an answer to this question. So I thought we’d start with this given we’re in a classroom with students that will be taking their first JavaScript course as well as those taking their second.

If you’ve never thought about it, consider looking at the r/learnprogramming subreddit. This is one of many communities out there where people are starting out with a number of different programming languages looking for support in a variety of ways – getting started, finding a project to work on, showcasing tools you use, getting feedback on work, and finding the answer to an-infinite-number-of-problems-encountered-when-trying-to-learn-to-program.

Look through the subreddit’s wiki on “common concerns and fears” and “questions about learning.” Choose a couple topics from these to talk to a partner about. Take notes on their answers as well as yours. Summarize your thoughts, concerns, and questions in your first blog post.

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