Week 2- Off To A Great Start

Another week done another batch of work done here’s everything I have for this week


Problem set

Blog questions

How can you use “falsey-ness” to determine if a string value can be coerced to a number? Why does this work? What is “type coercion” anyway?

falsey-ness is used to test if a value is true or not in the console. the type coercion is to coerce a number to a string and a string to a number.

!Number(str) //to test if that's a number
Falsy Values

What do you need to do to convert a for loop to a while loop?

A for loop has an initializer, condition, and increment-er. A while loop only has a condition.

i = 1 ;
while i <=3 
    j = 2 ;
    while j <=4        
        A(i,j) = B(i+2,j+1) ;
        j = j+1 ;        
    i = i+1 ;

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  1. Hey let’s get those lovely blogging questions answered!

    And generally good work with the problem set. I did note you have an infinite loop in the ‘fizz buzz’ exercise. Eek! It’s due to a typo in your for loop conditions. There is a ‘1’ instead of an ‘i’ in the while condition.

    for(i = 1; 1 < 101; i++)
    for(i = 1; i < 101; i++)
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