WEEK #1: Why Learn to Code? 08- Introduction to JavaScript, Problem Set, Blog Question

From the article under “common concerns and fears” a section that caught my eye was the paragraph that started “do I have to be good with math?” This was a big concern for me if math was going to be a part of coding but it doesn’t. I like math but my brain thought it would get complicated but the general add, subtract, divide and multiply with a little algebra is good with me XD. I also liked that you can learn coding at any age so I hope it’s something I can understand at some point. In the same article under “questions about learning” one question I have is what is language X and Y? Which one is easier to know? I also liked the little paragraph on motivation. “First action, then motivation” it is very true and starting off small can help get into the flow to do bigger works of coding.

Classwork & Problem Set


Problem Set Part 2


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