WEEK 1- The Beginning

This is all the work for the first week. It was easy but it only The beginning


Problem Set

Blogging Questions

Describe how you connect an HTML file and a JS file.

Connecting HTML file to A JavaScript is pretty easily. It is very similar to HTML and CSS way of link them. all you need to do is add the command <script src=" "></script> in the HTML file and it can be placed anywhere in the HTML file either in the head or the body

Describe the difference between writing code in the Chrome console and writing HTML/JS files that are then open in Chrome.

You have to use the variable console.log(  ) if you just want your work to so on the console if you wanted your work to appear when using HTML and JavaScript finally but if you’re using the Chrome console you can just start typing code and it will automatically appear 

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  1. Noticed that you’ve done a lot of work to organize your directory of tutorials and problem sets since this post which is really great. I’m finding everything very easily. One thing to consider fixing is few tutorial directories that have capital letters and spaces in their names.

    And I imagine since this post you’ve become more comfortable with using the JS console in Chrome. It’s definitely capable of a lot more than see console.log() statements. You can basically run any JS code in the console. There are a lot of instructors out there that teach the fundamentals of JS using the console exclusively. That’s fine but I think it’s important to learn the ‘tools’ – VSCode, HTML and JS files – as well.

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