Week 1 – Blog Post

Yay coding. So this week was an introduction to some Javascript which I have never used before. Luckily I’m familiar with a couple other coding languages so learning more comes pretty easy. The syntax is something I will have to get used to but that comes with time and consistency.

How to link a Javascript File

The first step of linking a javascript file with an html file is using the <script> tag within the html file. Using this you add the location of the javascript file, thus connecting the two.


 <script src="quote.js"></script>

Describe the difference between writing code in the Chrome console and writing HTML/JS files that are then open in Chrome.

Writing code in the console only is temporary and doesn’t any of the actual source code. It is also cleared when the page is refreshed. Writing code in the HTML/JS files changed the source code directly, and could affect the entire page. Console is also an easier way to directly troubleshoot without having to reload the server.

This weeks work!

Here is a link to my directory of all of this weeks work!

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