WebDev2 | Get Actor REVISED: Week 8

Inline Comments
getActor(nameStr) {
 // collect all data from API
 // we return the first value of the results array
 // then set the data results and image value, using the actor profile url 

clearCardbox () {
 //clears the main Cardbox of cards
 // while the main box is cleared, the first child of the main will remain
 // then remove current child to bring in the next random child

buildMainCard(img, main, detail) {
 //creates a mainbox card div with the img, main, detail as arguments
 // use let function to create a new element, give it a div
 // access the cards elements to manipulate the class list
 // remove elements descendants and replace with nodes following the html
 // after following html set up, return the main card


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