Six Degrees of Separation Stretch goals

The game has come to a point where your version should have the functionality to actually play. There are start and finish actors set and through credit guesses you have a test for matches.

There are some additional functional elements you can include that you’ll see in a previous ‘final’ version of the game from last semester. The code base has a lot of differences, but the features you can consider adding include the following:

  • A hints box layout that shows the three credits at a time for the finish actor. These credits look the same as ones in the main cast-credits box, but do not have event listeners attached. There is only an event listener on the ‘More’ button that doles out three additional credits at time. As part of this functionality you’ll need to save all the credit (Movie or Tv) to the game_data finish actor data structure.
  • A guesses box that shows the pathway the user has taken to make a match between two actors. This also involves adding to the game_data structure by saving each object (or a reference to it) that was clicked on in main cast-credits box.
  • A game reset in the top center, as well as some game data.
  • Functional navigation to show/hide the three divs for the three boxes.
  • There are other bigger stretch goals that I’ve tracked on my own blog. Some have been solved like the more complete tv show cast by generating a combined list actors from all the seasons of the show.

Note any stretch goals you’ve attempted or solved in your final blog post of your version of the game.

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