Fear the walking Java

We’re back at it again new semester new skills to learn

While looking on is Reddit about programming I found a Reddit post about common concerns and fears about learning how to program.

Most of the questions and concerns were typical questions like am I too old to code to is there anything I should learn first but the question that had me extremely concerned was math

Math was never my strong suit growing up and I know in the post the person said that math is not required to learn Java but to do the most complicated stuff your math needs to be on a college level and my mindful really sucks.

I asked one of my classmates How  JavaScript and they said that the mouth wasn’t the hard part about JavaScript so I’m a bit of relief but I won’t fully know how difficult JavaScript is until I start doing it.

No matter what challenges brings me in JavaScript that won’t give up


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  1. Hey glad you’re so upbeat about learning to code. Hope you’re staying positive at this point!

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