Dom Game — Start of it..

I did not break the versions into different files I did all of the work in one just because I did not know to break it up, but I am getting the gist of it.

I chose to switch up the icons a bit like I was supposed to do. For the first scene, I chose to use the apple logo and changed the positions which were fun to accomplish.

Describe and link to the scene you chose from the breakdown. Give an explanation of the positioning of your i elements and additional icon values.

Click on the ghost was changed to this which I liked. I used the same positioning that was in the code along. I played around with numbers while coding so I can see how it look but converted it back to how it was.

This is an example using the i:

<i class="fab fa-apple" style="
                color: #FC0D1B;
                left: 70%;
                top: 43%;"></i>

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