dev2 – Get Actor/Credits Revisited

A little bit of a reset with the change in HTML/CSS.

The change is going to help us reach the final goal of building our six degrees of separation game. That linked version is an old prototype, but it works and you can get a feel for how the game works.

So I’ve uploaded the code for the new layouts of the get actor original assignment (zip) as well as the get actor/credits assignment (zip). Download both sets of zip files and review the code. I’d like for you to write inline comments for 13.5-fetch-actor-credits-new-layoutdescribing how the following functions work:

  • getActor(nameStr)
  • clearCardBox()
  • buildMainCard(img, main, detail)

For the Blog

Link to your commented version of game.js. Also add an enlighter sourcecode block in the post giving just the comments, no code. It should look something like the block below.

   //first comment
      //second comment
      //third comment
         //fourth comment
      //fifth comment
//same for clearCardBox() and buildMainCard(img, main, detail)

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