dev2 – color game becomes icon guessing game

The final project in the tutorials from the Web Development Bootcamp was to make the RGB Color Guessing Game. This is a great mixture of DOM manipulation as well as working with various data structures, functions, and logic.

For your final review, I’d like you to rebuild this game with a slight twist. You’re going to make this into a guess the Font Awesome Icons guessing game. I’ve pre-built the HTML/CSS for the new game, as well as an array of all the free solid icon names. With this have your game do the following:

  • Select six names at random from the list of names and have them become the six icons displayed to choose.
  • Randomly select one of the six and set that as the answer.
  • The remaining interactions of the color game should prevail
    • Selected incorrect answers become hidden and “Try Again” is displayed.
    • Have the correct selected answer replace all icons as well as “You got it!” is displayed
    • “New Game” resets the game. “Hard” has a game of six icons. “Easy” has a game of three icons.
  • To publish on your server:
    • icon-game/index.html
    • icon-game/css/style.css
    • icon-game/css/font-awesome-directory-and-all-contents
    • icon-game/js/icon-names-arr.js
    • icon-game/js/my-game.js
  • Quick link to a compressed directory of the icon-game boilerplate

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