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For the remaining few weeks of the semester we’re going to be collaborating to rebuild the Moron Test. I’ve created a YouTube Playlist of all the tutorials to build the game. It’s a game that was popular in the early days of the iPhone and iOS. I’ve created a run through above of the game play.

It has simple enough game logic, each scene has a layout of images to be chosen based on the instructions at the top. Sometimes there is just one image to be clicked, other times a sequence of images, and even at times no image should be clicked. Also, there are timing events that are used to trick the player. Ultimately it’s a pattern game that messes with our brain’s propensity to quickly build habits and then falters when there’s a disruption to that habit.

This basic logic and simple UI makes for a pretty good introduction to JavaScript capstone project. We’re going to start with building the layout of the game board using a shared image library and HTML/CSS code base. You’ll be given scenes to rewrite and then make minor storytelling adjustments to fit the limited image library.

After we have all our pieces in place on the board, we’ll come up with a data structure to manage the pieces and then use JavaScript to set each game board scene. And finally we’ll come up with ways to manage the various pieces of logic needed to run the game.

Problem Set

  • Review the game play above and the games scenes breakdown
  • Using the common HTML/CSS starter page (zip of starter), rebuild one chosen scene with at least three icons of your choosing from FontAwesome. You will hard code them in the index.html file by creating as many i elements as there are icons):
    • moron-test/v1/img/two-images
    • moron-test/v1/style.css
    • moron-test/v1/index.html (this is the only file you need to edit)

For the Blog

Describe and link to the scene you chose from the breakdown. Give an explanation of the positioning of your i elements and additional icon values.

Link to your built scene!

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