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Linking a javascript file to an html file is fairly simple, much link a css file a Javascript file needs to be linked using a script tag.

JavaScript from a file is complied an ran in the chrome browser, whereas when using developer tools in chrome and other browsers the javascript that you write is particular to that instance of the chrome browser you are using.

Week 1 – Blog Post

Yay coding. So this week was an introduction to some Javascript which I have never used before. Luckily I’m familiar with a couple other coding languages so learning more comes pretty easy. The syntax is something I will have to get used to but that comes with time and consistency.

How to link a Javascript File

The first step of linking a javascript file with an html file is using the <script> tag within the html file. Using this you add the location of the javascript file, thus connecting the two.


 <script src="quote.js"></script>

Describe the difference between writing code in the Chrome console and writing HTML/JS files that are then open in Chrome.

Writing code in the console only is temporary and doesn’t any of the actual source code. It is also cleared when the page is refreshed. Writing code in the HTML/JS files changed the source code directly, and could affect the entire page. Console is also an easier way to directly troubleshoot without having to reload the server.

This weeks work!

Here is a link to my directory of all of this weeks work!

Week #1: Tutorials + Problem Set + Blog Question.


Here is a link to this week’s tutorial exercises.

Problem Set:





This first week of class was an introduction to Javascript. I have never used Javascript before so this was definitely all new information to me. At first, it seemed kind of tricky but as you keep practicing, you slowly begin to get the hang of it. Because I am familiar with other types of coding, that helped immensely.

How to link a Javascript file.

In order to link a javascript file with an html file, you need to use the <script>tag. Here’s an example:

<script type="text/javascript" src="desserts.js"

Describe the difference between writing code in the Chrome console and writing HTML/JS files that are then open in Chrome.

You need to use console.log( ) if you want your work to appear on Google Console. When trying to see something you’ve done in Visual Studio Code, or whichever text editor you prefer to use, you would open up Google and go to the developer console for javascript, and you should be able to see the work you have completed.

WEEK 1- The Beginning

This is all the work for the first week. It was easy but it only The beginning


Problem Set

Blogging Questions

Describe how you connect an HTML file and a JS file.

Connecting HTML file to A JavaScript is pretty easily. It is very similar to HTML and CSS way of link them. all you need to do is add the command <script src=" "></script> in the HTML file and it can be placed anywhere in the HTML file either in the head or the body

Describe the difference between writing code in the Chrome console and writing HTML/JS files that are then open in Chrome.

You have to use the variable console.log(  ) if you just want your work to so on the console if you wanted your work to appear when using HTML and JavaScript finally but if you’re using the Chrome console you can just start typing code and it will automatically appear 

[WEEK #1] – 08 Introduction to JavaScript + Problem Set + Blog Question

Hey Guys. This week was not that hard at all. It was pretty simple because I knew some basic knowledge on JavaScript. This is also the first week so thats probably why the work is easy 😛 . Right now I am trying to set up my website so the file directory is easy and set up correct. All this weeks work is done though.


Problem Set

Blogging Questions

Describe how you connect an HTML file and a JS file.

Basically to link a HTML file and a JS file, you have to add a script tag with a source of the JavaScript file inside of the HTML file. Most of these tags are present inside of the body tag, inside the header, or anywhere. The following code sample below shows how the script tag should look like…

<script src="/problem-sets/assets/js/name.js"></script>

Describe the difference between writing code in the Chrome console and writing HTML/JS files that are then open in Chrome.

Basically you write code in the Chrome console to play/test things out. Once you want to implement ideas after testing, you then write code to the HTML/JS files. You can then open those files into a chrome browser to see your working JavaScript code. When writing code in the Chrome console, your code is not saved. Once you refresh the page your code is gone. It is good to test out quick fixes and to see if values are working using console.log.. I would suggest writing code in the HTML/JS File then opening the file using Live Server.

Javascript is pretty interesting!!

Describe how you connect an HTML file and a JS file.

I thought connecting an HTML file and JS file would be very different from linking an HTML file to a CSS file, but I found it to be pretty similar and easy. You just need to add<script src=" "></script>in the HTML file. The good thing about this is that you can literally put in anywhere.

Describe the difference between writing code in the Chrome console and writing HTML/JS files that are then open in Chrome.

When writing code in any text editor you have to use the variable console.log( )if you want your work to appear in google console. If you are trying to view something you did in the text editor, you would just open Google and go to the javascript developer console and the work you did will be visible there.

These are the exercises that were done are here:

greeting.html / greeting.js

stalker.html / stalker.js

age-calculator.html / age-calculator.js

The problem sets were not bad it was straightforward but when we had to do the favorite quote program I got stuck but ended up getting it done. Here are here:

desserts.html / desserts.js

credits.html / credits.js

quote.html / quote.js

name.html / name.js

[WEEK #1] – Why Learn to Code?

While surfing through the subreddit’s wiki on “common concerns and fears” , I found a couple of topics that caught my eyes. I specifically chose these topics because I believe it was a topic my partner (CHANESH) and I shared (I knew my partner personally).

How do I learn topics covered by a typical computer science degree?

When I introduced this topic to my partner, we had a similar response. We both agreed that we wanted to learn other programming languages such as python, but our school did not teach it. We wanted to know as much topics in CS before we graduated. After looking at the links the subreddit provided in that topic, we found out we knew a couple of useful languages. There is a list that show some specific languages that are good to learn. This list helped me look in the correct path for the future.

How do I start and finish a large project?

My partner and I had a common problem of starting projects. We wanted to start some projects in new topics but had trouble approaching them. We talked to Professor Mike and he said we should get into a better environment before doing something. For example, we should come to a working environment like school so we are more motivated. Also in that subreddit, the FAQ gave us a suggestion that I should approach problems on paper first rather than going straight to the computer. This is a very helpful tip that I will be utilizing more.

How can I get started making video games?

The last topic I found was very interesting because I wanted to start this topic. While reading the FAQ, I found out different type of development engines that are used to create games. The responses on this FAQ gave me some inspiration to take a UDEMY course on game development using C++.

I also have a small problem of listing out things to do but never doing it(qadeer). I hope I eventually get around to these goals. 🙂

Fear the walking Java

We’re back at it again new semester new skills to learn

While looking on is Reddit about programming I found a Reddit post about common concerns and fears about learning how to program.

Most of the questions and concerns were typical questions like am I too old to code to is there anything I should learn first but the question that had me extremely concerned was math

Math was never my strong suit growing up and I know in the post the person said that math is not required to learn Java but to do the most complicated stuff your math needs to be on a college level and my mindful really sucks.

I asked one of my classmates How  JavaScript and they said that the mouth wasn’t the hard part about JavaScript so I’m a bit of relief but I won’t fully know how difficult JavaScript is until I start doing it.

No matter what challenges brings me in JavaScript that won’t give up


Concerns/ fears

So being a web developer should be fun, a little bit different than being a web designer. My partners and I were going through the topics on the Reddit site and we were mainly talking about the mathematics that is in web development.

Yes, you have to know basic math but you also have to know something about algebra (it may not be necessary). My partners agreed that math is not their favorite, I beg to differ.

I chose another topic which was are you too old to code..I feel like when your brain and your body are properly working fine you can do whatever you want to do in life. But when you are no longer incapable of doing certain things than coding should not be in your alley. You are never too old to code though 🙂