[FINAL] – The Moron Test – The Game Board

Hello all. I liked the video that professor put up on YouTube. I had a understanding how to place icons altering the index.html but was not that good with the JavaScript part. I liked how we can use data structures to build icons. I am finally using JavaScript to build something. Below will be the […]

[WEEK #7] – 14 Advanced DOM Manipulation + Problem Set + Blog Question

Hello guys, this is week 7’s work. I did’t have any troubles doing it. I really liked the walk through of the problem set. I just did not like how he made us write the code and then at the end he just simplified it. Overall I liked the information that I have learned. Tutorials […]

Section 14 Advanced DOM Manipulation + Problem Set

intro-events-code-a-long.html/intro-events-code-along.js color-toggle.html/color-toggle.js score-keeper.html/ score-keeper.js to-do.html/to-do.js color-game.html – color-games.js – color-game.css Blogging Questions when adding an event listener methods there are two arguments that are passed, the first is the event being listened for while the other argument is a function. These two rely on one another. The event being listened for, when activated such as […]