Timing Functions and Start / Finish Functions

index.html / scene02.html / scene03.html style.css moron.js a4.js scences.js index-card blog question: Basically every scene that we create will have a start, finish, and main objects with its declaration. each of these objects corresponds to different things happening. The start object deals with any set of instructions that needs to be run during the start of the scene. we […]

week 9,10,11 and 12- The final Video Walkthrough AkA The End

I don’t know if what prison feels like but if its anything like quarantine you will never see me do anything bad or mischievous ever again. but here some codes week 9- Video Walkthrough part 2 week 10- Video Walkthrough part 3 week 11- Video Walkthrough part 4 week 12- Video Walkthrough part 5 For […]

[FINAL] – The Moron Test – Timing Functions and Start / Finish Functions

Hey all. This set of work pretty interesting. I had a difficult time at the start. I decided to copy over the files from the zip files provided. I started to watch the first few parts of the video. There were many errors showing that I could not understand in the console. I wanted to […]

Moron Test – Scene Specific Function and Helper Functions

index.html / scene02.html / scene03.html style.css moron.js scences.js index-card with in our “check(icon, indx)” function we use – scene[level].main(icon, indx); inorder to acess scence specific insructions. inorder to acess these instructions we need to know three vital pieces of information. the first on which is the level, the icon that was clicked on and the index of said icon […]

[FINAL] – The Moron Test – Scene Specific Function and Helper Functions

Hello. I am enjoying the video tutorials. Everything seems like it is falling into place. I just hope professor Mike goes over how to load the scene on the startup. For example, its annoying typing nextScene() everytime in the console(im pretty sure its a simple task such as calling nextScene() function in the start). I […]

Domgame — Moron Test scene-specific function and helper functions

Once again no link in this because all of the versions are in one. Describe how the scene[level].main(icon, indx) function is called within the check(icon, indx) function. How are we tracking the icon and index values? Why do we need to track and pass the icon and index values to the scene’s main function? What does the scene’s main […]