[FINAL] – The Moron Test – Fail Icons and FailScene Function

Hello. Video 19 was great. I loved adding the init() function along with the fail scene. I feel like the project is complete with these additions. Whiling doing the walk through, I really didn’t face any problems except the the .fail-space class was called delay-space on my part. Also some CSS properties where missing on […]

Week #3: Functions

The difference between declaring a function and calling a function is declaring a function is giving a name to a line of code. Then calling a function is reciting back the name and passing through a command. Has to be written with (). Classwork http://clomichelle.net/webdev1/03week-functions/cw-03week/ Problem Set http://clomichelle.net/webdev1/03week-functions/ps-03week/

WEEK #1: Why Learn to Code? 08- Introduction to JavaScript, Problem Set, Blog Question

From the article under “common concerns and fears” a section that caught my eye was the paragraph that started “do I have to be good with math?” This was a big concern for me if math was going to be a part of coding but it doesn’t. I like math but my brain thought it […]

Timing Functions and Start / Finish Functions

index.html / scene02.html / scene03.html style.css moron.js a4.js scences.js index-card blog question: Basically every scene that we create will have a start, finish, and main objects with its declaration. each of these objects corresponds to different things happening. The start object deals with any set of instructions that needs to be run during the start of the scene. we […]

week 9,10,11 and 12- The final Video Walkthrough AkA The End

I don’t know if what prison feels like but if its anything like quarantine you will never see me do anything bad or mischievous ever again. but here some codes week 9- Video Walkthrough part 2 week 10- Video Walkthrough part 3 week 11- Video Walkthrough part 4 week 12- Video Walkthrough part 5 For […]