Section 14 Advanced DOM Manipulation + Problem Set

intro-events-code-a-long.html/intro-events-code-along.js color-toggle.html/color-toggle.js score-keeper.html/ score-keeper.js to-do.html/to-do.js color-game.html – color-games.js – color-game.css Blogging Questions when adding an event listener methods there are two arguments that are passed, the first is the event being listened for while the other argument is a function. These two rely on one another. The event being listened for, when activated such as […]

Week 6 + Problem Set

Tutorials selectors.html / selectors.js exercise.html / exercise.js demo.html / demo.js Problem Set Website Used  webpage-hack.HTML/webpage-hack.JS There is a difference between querySelector() and querySelectorAll(). When you pass in a value for example a “p” tag, both selectors function differently. querySelector will return the first instances of the “p” tag whereas querySelecterAll will return all instances of “p” tags.

DOM events

This week was an add-on to what we did in the intro to Dom. I enjoyed learning more about how to do CSS tricks in a javascript way which was interesting. Describe what the two arguments of the addEventListener method are and how they work. Give four examples of the first argument and give examples […]

Week 6-never give up

It has been a hard week but I did it!!!! Tutorials selectors.html / selectors.js exercise.html / exercise.js demo.html / demo.js Problem Set Website Used:  webpage-hack.HTML/webpage-hack.JS I chose ign because it looked like it would be easy and fun to give it a makeover. however, I did have a little changing something but overall its done Blog Question Describe how the querySelector() […]

[WEEK #6] – 13 DOM Manipulation + Problem Set + Blog Question

Hey guys. This is just another weeks work. This a refresher of work to be honest. We finally get to use Javascript in real websites to change things around. Overall, I got most of the material. Tutorials selectors.html / selectors.js exercise.html / exercise.js demo.html / demo.js Problem Set Website Used: Walmart webpage-walmart.html / webpage-walmart.js I […]

Week #5 – Tutorials + JS Basics: Objects + Blog Question.

Tutorials: object-examples.html / object-examples.js movie-db-exercise.html / movie-db-exercise.js methods.html / methods.js Problem Set: students.html /  students.js Blog Questions: Link to an example dynamic webpage that likely pulls data from a database to build the site – any social media site, newspaper, blog, etc. Take a screenshot of a typical “post” and propose an object data structure […]

Intro to DOM

This week was fun, getting into the whole notion of manipulating web pages. But the thing that sucks is that when you manipulate a web page the things you have changed is not permanent. Everything goes away and you no longer see your design or “hacks” 🙁 Describe how the querySelector() and querySelectorAll() methods work. […]