[WEEK #5] – 12 JavaScript Basics – Objects + Problem Set + Blog Question

Hello. This is just another week. Not a lot of tutorial files we have to upload ( I like that). Objects was fun to learn. I felt I learned a very important topic that is used throughout JavaScript everywhere. I added an extra tutorial files because video 119 was a separate file created by colt. […]

[WEEK #4] – 11 JavaScript Basics – Arrays + Problem Set + Blog Question

Hey all. This week was alright. The only things that gave me some confusion was forEach and the last part of the problem set. I sort of get forEach but I would rather use regular for loops because in the tutorial he said some browsers are not compatible with forEach. In the problem set I […]

[WEEK #3] – 10 JavaScript Basics – Functions + Problem Sets + Blog Question

Hey guys. This week was pretty light on me because I know what functions are and I have worked with these before in different languages. The only thing that stumped me up was the random-color problem set. I had trouble with how to properly generate a random number between 0 and 255 that also included […]

[WEEK #2] – 09 JavaScript Basics – Control Flow + Problem Sets + Blog Question

Hey guys. This week was pretty fun. I am actually enjoying this programming language more than others that I have learned. This week was not that challenging but one of the questions in the problem set made me use GooGle. I had to look up some new tools and resources for help. Tutorials Directory bouncer.html […]

How to Remotely Edit Server Files on VSCode

My classmate and I found a way to remotely edit server files directly on Visual Studio Code. First you want to download Remote Development on Visual Studio Code Extensions tab. Once you download it is time to obtain some information. Log onto your Reclaim Hosting account. Once you logged in, go into the accounts tab […]

[WEEK #1] – 08 Introduction to JavaScript + Problem Set + Blog Question

Hey Guys. This week was not that hard at all. It was pretty simple because I knew some basic knowledge on JavaScript. This is also the first week so thats probably why the work is easy 😛 . Right now I am trying to set up my website so the file directory is easy and […]