[FINAL] – The Moron Test – Fail Icons and FailScene Function

Hello. Video 19 was great. I loved adding the init() function along with the fail scene. I feel like the project is complete with these additions. Whiling doing the walk through, I really didn’t face any problems except the the .fail-space class was called delay-space on my part. Also some CSS properties where missing on […]

[FINAL] – The Moron Test – Timing Functions and Start / Finish Functions

Hey all. This set of work pretty interesting. I had a difficult time at the start. I decided to copy over the files from the zip files provided. I started to watch the first few parts of the video. There were many errors showing that I could not understand in the console. I wanted to […]

[FINAL] – The Moron Test – Scene Specific Function and Helper Functions

Hello. I am enjoying the video tutorials. Everything seems like it is falling into place. I just hope professor Mike goes over how to load the scene on the startup. For example, its annoying typing nextScene() everytime in the console(im pretty sure its a simple task such as calling nextScene() function in the start). I […]

[FINAL] – The Moron Test – Map Icons and Draw Scene

Hello once again. This is video 7-10’s work. I am really liking the video walk through. I just would like if they are named better. Instead of naming it videos 7-10 it can be section 1, 2 3. Other than that everything is fine. Video Walkthrough – Videos 7 – 10 index.html / scene02.html / […]

[FINAL] – The Moron Test – The Game Board

Hello all. I liked the video that professor put up on YouTube. I had a understanding how to place icons altering the index.html but was not that good with the JavaScript part. I liked how we can use data structures to build icons. I am finally using JavaScript to build something. Below will be the […]

[WEEK #7] – 14 Advanced DOM Manipulation + Problem Set + Blog Question

Hello guys, this is week 7’s work. I did’t have any troubles doing it. I really liked the walk through of the problem set. I just did not like how he made us write the code and then at the end he just simplified it. Overall I liked the information that I have learned. Tutorials […]

[WEEK #6] – 13 DOM Manipulation + Problem Set + Blog Question

Hey guys. This is just another weeks work. This a refresher of work to be honest. We finally get to use Javascript in real websites to change things around. Overall, I got most of the material. Tutorials selectors.html / selectors.js exercise.html / exercise.js demo.html / demo.js Problem Set Website Used: Walmart webpage-walmart.html / webpage-walmart.js I […]