JS Basics Functions + Prblem set !!

Hey guys, You can find the directory for the js basic functions here. functions-examples.html / functions-examples.js functions-problem-set.html / functions-problem-sets.js scope-example.html / scope-example.js The problem set here random-color.html / random-color.js game.html / game.js falling-down-stairs.html / falling-down-stairs.js climbing-the-mountain.html / climbing-the-mountain.js declaring and calling a function are to different things when you declare a function you are basically creating a set of instructions that have “no real purpose”… when you call the […]

dev1 – JS Basics, Control Flow

DIRECTORY bouncer.html / bouncer.js age-exercise.html / age-exercise.js number-guess.html / number-guess.js while-loops.html / while-loops.js annoy-o-matic.html / annoy-o-matic.js for-loops.html / for-loops.js problem set directory feeling.html / feeling.js running.html / running.js weather.html / weather.js fizzbuzz.html / fizzbuzz.js guess.html / guess.js stairs.html / stairs.js mountain.html / mountain.js Problem Set: Falsy-ness is often used to check whether a given piece of data is a certain data type ( String or Int). in order to change a for loop into a while loop you need to have […]


Tutorials Directory greeting.html and greeting.js stalker.html and stalker.js age-calculator.html and age-calculator.js Problem Set Directory desserts.html and desserts.js credits.html and credits.js quote.html and quote.js name.html and name.js Blogging Question: Linking a javascript file to an html file is fairly simple, much link a css file a Javascript file needs to be linked using a script tag. JavaScript from a file is complied an ran in the chrome browser, whereas when […]