Timing Functions and Start / Finish Functions

index.html / scene02.html / scene03.html style.css moron.js a4.js scences.js index-card blog question: Basically every scene that we create will have a start, finish, and main objects with its declaration. each of these objects corresponds to different things happening. The start object deals with any set of instructions that needs to be run during the start of the scene. we […]

Moron Test – Scene Specific Function and Helper Functions

index.html / scene02.html / scene03.html style.css moron.js scences.js index-card with in our “check(icon, indx)” function we use – scene[level].main(icon, indx); inorder to acess scence specific insructions. inorder to acess these instructions we need to know three vital pieces of information. the first on which is the level, the icon that was clicked on and the index of said icon […]

Moron Test Game Logic

index.html / scene02.html / scene03.html style.css moron.js scences.js index-card blog question:the spread syntax allows us to turn our node list into an iterable array of array of i element where the size of it is determined by how many numbers of i elements you have. we need use the spreader operator so that we could iterate over our i […]

Map Icons and Draw Scene

index.html / scene02.html / scene03.html style.css moron.js scences.js index-card the process of clearing and mapping both the instructions and icons is relatively simple. we first create a variable that contains all the instances of either the icon or the instruction using a query selector. in the clear function, we use a while statement of check if there is an […]

Section 14 Advanced DOM Manipulation + Problem Set

intro-events-code-a-long.html/intro-events-code-along.js color-toggle.html/color-toggle.js score-keeper.html/ score-keeper.js to-do.html/to-do.js color-game.html – color-games.js – color-game.css Blogging Questions when adding an event listener methods there are two arguments that are passed, the first is the event being listened for while the other argument is a function. These two rely on one another. The event being listened for, when activated such as […]

Week 6 + Problem Set

Tutorials selectors.html / selectors.js exercise.html / exercise.js demo.html / demo.js Problem Set Website Used  webpage-hack.HTML/webpage-hack.JS There is a difference between querySelector() and querySelectorAll(). When you pass in a value for example a “p” tag, both selectors function differently. querySelector will return the first instances of the “p” tag whereas querySelecterAll will return all instances of “p” tags.

JS Arrays + Problem Set.

Directory. todo-list-part1.html / todo-list-part1.js challenge.html / challenge.js todo-list-part2.html / todo-list-part2.js array-prob-set.html / array-prob-set.js foreach.html / foreach.js problem set.js files longest.js only_nums.js reverse.js range.js Blogging Question.pop() – The pop method takes out the last element of the arraypush() – The push method pushes a desired value into the array.Unshift() – This method adds new items to the beginning of an array, and returns the new length. […]