Week 2- Off To A Great Start

Another week done another batch of work done here’s everything I have for this week Tutorials DirectoryBouncer.html / bouncer.Js Age-exercise.html / age-exercise Number-guess / number-guess While-loops.html / while-loops.js Annoy-o-matic.html / annoy-o-matic.js For-loops.html / For-loops.js Problem set DirectoryFeeling.html / Feeling.js Running.html / running.js Weather.html / weather.js Fizzbuzz.html / fizzbuzz.js (need work) Guess.html / guess.js Stairs.html / […]

WEEK 1- The Beginning

This is all the work for the first week. It was easy but it only The beginning Tutorials Directory greeting.html and greeting.js stalker.html and stalker.js age-calculator.html and age-calculator.js Problem Set Directory desserts.html and desserts.js credits.html and credits.js quote.html and quote.js name.html and name.js Blogging Questions Describe how you connect an HTML file and a JS file. Connecting HTML file to A JavaScript is pretty easily. It is very similar […]