week 9,10,11 and 12- The final Video Walkthrough AkA The End

I don’t know if what prison feels like but if its anything like quarantine you will never see me do anything bad or mischievous ever again. but here some codes week 9- Video Walkthrough part 2 week 10- Video Walkthrough part 3 week 11- Video Walkthrough part 4 week 12- Video Walkthrough part 5 For […]

Week 6-never give up

It has been a hard week but I did it!!!! Tutorials selectors.html / selectors.js exercise.html / exercise.js demo.html / demo.js Problem Set Website Used: ign.com  webpage-hack.HTML/webpage-hack.JS I chose ign because it looked like it would be easy and fun to give it a makeover. however, I did have a little changing something but overall its done Blog Question Describe how the querySelector() […]

Week 5-finally caught up? not even close :(

work from week 5 and I’m officially caught up……. I think……. Tutorialsobject-examples.html / object-examples.js movie-db-exercise.html / movie-db-exercise.js Problem sets week 5 Blog question  Link to an example dynamic web page that likely pulls data from a database to build the site – any social media site, newspaper, blog, etc. Take a screenshot of a typical […]

Week 4-stop being so forgetful

Once again another batch of work I totally forgot to upload Tutorials Directory todo-list-part1.html / todo-list-part1.js challenge.html  /  challenge.js todo-list-part2.html  / todo-list-part2.js array-prob-set.html /  array-prob-set.js foreach.html  /  foreach.js Problem sets Directory  longest-username.html / longest-username.js  range-array.html / range-array.js reverse-array.html / reverse-array.js Blog question  With the array methods pop() / push() and shift() / unshift(), explain the difference between […]

Week 3- special delivery

Hello everyone so this is week 3 work that I’ve always had but totally forgot to put up lol Tutorials Directory functions-examples.html / functions-examples.js functions-problem-set.html / functions-problem-sets.js scope-example.html / scope-example.js Problem Directory random-color.html / random-color.js game.html / game.js falling-down-stairs.html / falling-down-stairs.js climbing-the-mountain.html / climbing-the-mountain.js Blog questions Describe the difference between declaring a function and calling a function. Give an example in a code snippet using Enlighter. Have you example […]

Week 2- Off To A Great Start

Another week done another batch of work done here’s everything I have for this week Tutorials DirectoryBouncer.html / bouncer.Js Age-exercise.html / age-exercise Number-guess / number-guess While-loops.html / while-loops.js Annoy-o-matic.html / annoy-o-matic.js For-loops.html / For-loops.js Problem set DirectoryFeeling.html / Feeling.js Running.html / running.js Weather.html / weather.js Fizzbuzz.html / fizzbuzz.js (need work) Guess.html / guess.js Stairs.html / […]

WEEK 1- The Beginning

This is all the work for the first week. It was easy but it only The beginning Tutorials Directory greeting.html and greeting.js stalker.html and stalker.js age-calculator.html and age-calculator.js Problem Set Directory desserts.html and desserts.js credits.html and credits.js quote.html and quote.js name.html and name.js Blogging Questions Describe how you connect an HTML file and a JS file. Connecting HTML file to A JavaScript is pretty easily. It is very similar […]