Week 7 Blog Post

Blogging Questions Describe what the two arguments of the addEventListener method are and how they work. Give four examples of the first argument and give examples of using an anonymous function vs. a declared function for the second argument. Use the code-insert tool for your examples. The first argument is what the event listener is […]

Week 6 Blog Post

Blog Question Describe how the querySelector() and querySelectorAll() methods work. What is the difference between the values returned for each method? Use an example code snippet to support your answer; include sample HTML and JS selectors. querySelector() is taking the CSS Style selector and It returns the first element that matches a given CSS Style Selector. […]

Week 4 Blog Post

Blog Question With the array methods pop() / push() and shift() / unshift(), explain the difference between the returned value of each method and the resulting value of the array? Use an example piece of code with the Enlighter tool to support your description. Pop() removes an element from the end of an array, making […]

Week 3 – Blog Post

Describe the difference between declaring a function and calling a function. Give an example in a code snippet using Enlighter. Have you example use an argument. Declaring a function tells the computer that this block of code should be executed whenever this function name is called. Its basically labeling a section of your code, usually […]

Week 2 – Blog Post

Blog Questions: How can you use “falsey-ness” to determine if a string value can be coerced to a number? Why does this work? What is “type coercion” anyway? Falsey-ness can be used to test if a value is true or false. This can be done in the developer console. Coercion is the process of converting […]

Week 1 – Blog Post

Yay coding. So this week was an introduction to some Javascript which I have never used before. Luckily I’m familiar with a couple other coding languages so learning more comes pretty easy. The syntax is something I will have to get used to but that comes with time and consistency. How to link a Javascript […]