Week 3 – Blog Post

Describe the difference between declaring a function and calling a function. Give an example in a code snippet using Enlighter. Have you example use an argument. Declaring a function tells the computer that this block of code should be executed whenever this function name is called. Its basically labeling a section of your code, usually […]

Week 2 – Blog Post

Blog Questions: How can you use “falsey-ness” to determine if a string value can be coerced to a number? Why does this work? What is “type coercion” anyway? Falsey-ness can be used to test if a value is true or false. This can be done in the developer console. Coercion is the process of converting […]

Week 1 – Blog Post

Yay coding. So this week was an introduction to some Javascript which I have never used before. Luckily I’m familiar with a couple other coding languages so learning more comes pretty easy. The syntax is something I will have to get used to but that comes with time and consistency. How to link a Javascript […]