Week #6: Tutorials + 13 DOM Manipulation + Blog Question.

Tutorials: selectors.html / selectors.js exercise.html / exercise.js demo.html / demo.js Blog Question: Describe how the querySelector() and querySelectorAll() methods work. What is the difference between the values returned for each method? Use an example code snippet to support your answer; include sample HTML and JS selectors. Both of these methods return either a single element or collection of elements, just in different ways. The querySelector()method […]

Week #5: Tutorials + JS Basics: Objects + Blog Question.

Tutorials: object-examples.html / object-examples.js movie-db-exercise.html / movie-db-exercise.js methods.html / methods.js Problem Set: students.html /  students.js Blog Questions: Link to an example dynamic webpage that likely pulls data from a database to build the site – any social media site, newspaper, blog, etc. Take a screenshot of a typical “post” and propose an object data structure […]

Week #4: Tutorials + JS Arrays + Blog Question.

Tutorials: to-dolistpartI.html / to-dolistpartI.js challenge.html / challenge.js to-dolistpartII.html / to-dolistpartII.js array-prob-set.html / array-prob-set.js for-each.html / for-each.js Problem Set:  arr-prob.html / arr-prob.js Blog Questions With the array methods pop() / push() and shift() / unshift(), explain the difference between the returned value of each method and the resulting value of the array? Use an example piece of code with the Enlighter tool to support your […]

Week #3: Tutorials + JS Functions Problem Set + Blog Question.

Tutorials: functions-examples.html / functions-examples.js functions-problem-set.html / functions-problem-set.js scope-example.html / scope-example.js Problem Set: random-color.html / random.color.js game.html / game.js falling-down-stairs.html / falling-down-stairs.js climb-mountain.html / climb.mountain.js Blog Question: Describe the difference between declaring a function and calling a function. Give an example in a code snippet using Enlighter. Have your example use an argument. A function is […]

Week #2: Tutorials + JS Control Flow Problem Set.

Tutorials: Here is a link to this week’s tutorial exercises. Problem Set: feelings.html/feelings.js running.html/running.js weather.html/weather.js fizzbuzz.html/fizzbuzz.js guessing-game.html/guessing-game.js stairs.html/stairs.js Blog Questions Use the code insert tool and provide examples to answer these two questions. Use JS comment syntax to describe your example. How can you use “falsey-ness” to determine if a string value can be coerced […]

Week #1: Tutorials + Problem Set + Blog Question.

Tutorials: Here is a link to this week’s tutorial exercises. Problem Set: desserts.html/desserts.js credits.html/credits.js quote.html/quote.js name.html/name.js This first week of class was an introduction to Javascript. I have never used Javascript before so this was definitely all new information to me. At first, it seemed kind of tricky but as you keep practicing, you slowly […]