dev2 – AJAX – XHR and fetch

Tutorials Section 07, videos 072 – 083 Exercise files to publish on your server as HTML/JS pairs: github-zen.html / github-zen.js (added challenge post the quote to the page as well as the console) random-dog.html / random-dog.js bitcoin.html / bitcoin.js random-user.html / random-user.js Blog Questions Describe your understanding of what an API request is. What is […]

dev1 – JS Objects

Tutorials Section 12, videos 114 – 120 12 JS – Objects tutorial notes Exercise files to publish on your server as HTML/JS pairs: object-examples.html / object-examples.js movie-db-exercise.html / movie-db-exercise.js Blog Questions Link to an example dynamic webpage that likely pulls data from a database to build the site – any social media site, newspaper, blog, […]

dev1 – JS Arrays problem set

Create single HTML / JS pair arr-prob.html / arr-prob.js which includes the following functions: Reverse Array – Create a function reverseArray(arr) which takes an array as an argument. The function returns a new array with the values reversed. For example: reverseArray([1,2,3]) returns [3,2,1]. Range Array – Create a function rangeArray(start, end) which takes two numbers as arguments. The function returns an array containing all […]

webDev2 – Async Foundations

Tutorials ADV 06 Async Foundations, videos 059 – 071 Please write code for the code-alongs as well as complete the two exercises. Link the JS files to a single HTML file. async-found.html callback-basics.js foreach.js findindex-intro.js findindex-exercise.js (download) stack-heap.js settimeout.js countdown-exercise.js (download) promises.js Blogging Questions Describe the difference between how using an anonymous function vs. a […]

dev1 – JS Arrays

Tutorials Section 11, videos 103 – 113 11 JS – Arrays tutorial notes Exercise files to publish on your server as HTML/JS pairs: todo-list-part1.html / todo-list-part1.js challenge.html / challenge.js todo-list-part2.html / todo-list-part2.js array-prob-set.html / array-prob-set.js foreach.html / foreach.js Blog Questions With the array methods pop() / push() and shift() / unshift(), explain the difference between the returned value of each method and […]

dev1 – 10 JS functions problem set

There are two pairs of HTML/JS files to be completed and submitted: Random Color – Create a function randomColor() when called returns a random RGB color value like rgb(173, 65, 203). Game – Create three functions startGame(), endGame(), and checkGame(). Each function returns the boolean value of gameOver and should affect gameOver as the function name suggests. Falling Down Stairs – Create a function fallingDownStairs(phrase) which takes […]

dev2 – Adv Array Methods

Tutorials ADV 10 Advanced Array Methods – videos 103-116 You will be using a number of exercise files with the problems described in the code. Please download the files and complete them. They should then be linked to a single HTML file and uploaded to your server: adv-arr.html filter-exercise.js foreach-exercise.js map-exercise.js reduce-exercise.js some-every-exercise.js Blogging Questions […]

dev1 – JS Basics, Functions

Tutorials Section 10, videos 093 – 102 10 JS Basics – Functions tutorial notes Exercise files to publish on your server as HTML/JS pairs: functions-examples.html / functions-examples.js functions-problem-set.html / functions-problem-set.js includes isEven(num), factorial(num), and kebabToSnake(str). scope-example.html / scope-example.js Blog Questions Describe the difference between declaring a function and calling a function. Give an example in a code […]