dev2 – ES2015 part 2, ES 2106, ES2017

Tutorials ADV17 ES2015 Part 2, videos 191–210 ADV18 ES2016-2017, videos 211–218 Exercise files to publish on your server as HTML/JS pairs: es2015-part2.html (links for all exercises) es2015-part2-code-along.js class-keyword-exercises.js (instructions) inheritance-super-exercises.js (instructions) maps-sets-exercises.js (instructions) promises-exercises.js (instructions) methods-exercises.js (instructions) es2016-2017.html es2016-es2017-code-a-long.js async-exercises.js (instructions) Blogging Questions Describe the differences between declaring a constructor function and using the class […]

dev2 – ES2015 part 1

Tutorials ADV 15 ES2015 part 1, videos 169 – 186 Exercise files to publish on your server as HTML/JS pairs: es2015-code-a-long.html / es2015-code-a-long.js arrow-ex.html / arrow-ex.js (instructions) rest-spread-ex.html / rest-spread-ex.js (instructions) destructure.html / destructure.js (instructions) Blogging Questions Describe how the use of arrow => functions changes the need for the return keyword. Compare this to […]

dev2 – Actor class

This week’s problem set requires a refactoring of last week’s problem. The goal is create the first ‘class’ based on the returned values from getActor(). There are two goals for this exercise: create an Actor(id, name, poster_path) constructor to allow for a new Actor to be made using the values returned from your API call; […]

dev2 – OOP in JS

Tutorials ADV 12 Object Oriented Programming with JS, videos 132 – 144 Exercise files to publish on your server as HTML/JS pairs: oop-code-a-long.html / oop-code-a-long.js const-func-ex.html / const-func-ex.js (instructions) proto-ex.html / proto-ex.js (instructions) inherit-ex.html / inherit-ex.js (instructions) Blogging Questions Describe how the new keyword is used with object oriented programming in JS. Give an example […]

dev1 – DOM Events

Tutorials Section 14 Advanced DOM Manipulation, videos 130 – 135; 14 Advanced DOM Manipulation notes Exercise files to publish on your server as HTML/JS (you will need to write some CSS as well, feel free to place it internally or externally) pairs: intro-events-code-a-long.html/intro-events-code-along.js color-toggle.html/color-toggle.js score-keeper.html/ score-keeper.js to-do.html/to-do.js Blogging Questions Describe what the two arguments of […]