dev1 – moron test DOM

**note use this updated HTML/CSS/JS With the game board designed and the data structure for the icons designed, we can now dynamically build the game board using four functions: clear_icons(), build(icon), set(icons), and listen_to_icons(). clear_icons() This function uses a while condition to check if there is a ‘first child’ in the div.icon-box. As long as […]

dev2 – six degrees of separation v4

So more changes! That’s how development works. As I described on Tuesday I’ve restructured the model for building credit objects from the movie database data. There is now a Credit class that extends to Actor, Movie, or TV. Each extended class has it’s specific get_credits() method to fetch data from the movie database. Credit, Actor, […]

dev2 – ES2015 part 2, ES 2106, ES2017

Tutorials ADV17 ES2015 Part 2, videos 191–210 ADV18 ES2016-2017, videos 211–218 Exercise files to publish on your server as HTML/JS pairs: es2015-part2.html (links for all exercises) es2015-part2-code-along.js class-keyword-exercises.js (instructions) inheritance-super-exercises.js (instructions) maps-sets-exercises.js (instructions) promises-exercises.js (instructions) methods-exercises.js (instructions) es2016-2017.html es2016-es2017-code-a-long.js async-exercises.js (instructions) Blogging Questions Describe the differences between declaring a constructor function and using the class […]

dev1 – icon values

For each fontawesome icon or text icon used in the HTML/CSS template, there are a number of values needed. The text icon and fontawesome icons are created differently, but between the two icon types what are all the different possible values used? Blog Questions Describe all the different values and give each type a name. […]

dev2 – ES2015 part 1

Tutorials ADV 15 ES2015 part 1, videos 169 – 186 Exercise files to publish on your server as HTML/JS pairs: es2015-code-a-long.html / es2015-code-a-long.js arrow-ex.html / arrow-ex.js (instructions) rest-spread-ex.html / rest-spread-ex.js (instructions) destructure.html / destructure.js (instructions) Blogging Questions Describe how the use of arrow => functions changes the need for the return keyword. Compare this to […]